I’m always talking to marketing clients about the need to condense the unique value proposition of their business down to “three words and a picture”, because that’s about all the time you have to communicate your message in a piece of marketing.

Cult Of Mac had a good article today talking about the power of Apple’s “Shot On iPhone” campaign.

Apple apparently “mines social media for photos hashtagged with those three words and then license the photos for an advertising blitz that includes the use of the photos in magazines, television, billboards and even banners that stretch the length of skyscrapers.”

As Cult of Mac points out: “Competitors could use parts of Apple’s marketing model to find success. “Shot on P20 Pro” would be too obvious…”

Unfortunately, the competitors have been recently caught out faking their campaign photos, which is a separate issue. My point is the power of the three word marketing tagline.

Think about some of the greatest taglines and how well they worked.

“Stop The Boats”

“Think Different” (only two words!)

“It’s Time!” (for the oldies)

“I’m Lovin’ It”

“Finger Lickin’ Good”

“Beanz Meanz Heinz”

“Snap! Crackle! Pop!”

“Just Do It”

We’ve created a couple of good ones for our clients over the years.

“Making Data Smarter”

“Smarter Mining Management”

Yes, we tend to work with smart clients.

BTW, this is a shot I took on my iPhone at a recent trip to Athens.

Cameron Reilly of Motherlode (Marketing Consultants Brisbane).