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Old Wine In New Skin?

On one hand, digital marketing – whether it’s SEO, SEM, social media or podcasts – is just a new way of doing the same thing we’ve always done – getting the right message out to the right people at the right time. 

But they also allow new forms of communication with customers, suppliers and prospects and need to be understood and embraced. 

Let’s take a quick look at what you need to know. 


A lot of marketing effort for smaller businesses today goes towards content marketing. We recommend using social media as a cost-effective way to entertain, educate and inform your audience about their industry.





Search Engine Optimisation needs be an ongoing effort for many businesses. Making sure that your site appears high in search engine rankings is critical for driving leads and maintaining your brand value. 


Search Engine Marketing – advertising in search engines and social platforms like Facebook – is often a key part of any digital strategy. It allows for highly targeted advertising on a fixed budget. 


As pioneers of podcasting in Australia, we are advocates for helping clients make the most of this under-utilised medium. It’s a great way to tell stories about your industry, your clients and the problems they are facing. 

Free Marketing Strategy Guide

Our template contains a guide to answering the most important four questions that we have found to help us get to the heart of marketing issues. We usually spend a day running a workshop where he help new clients answer these questions. From there we can diagnose what your next steps need to be to improve your marketing.

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