Great marketing is the result of design, not accident.

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Those Who Fail To Plan...

Many businesses don’t have a marketing strategy.

Which is one reason their marketing fails.

A marketing strategy is a plan for how to get your customer’s attention.

It contains a few key elements.

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Research about competitors.

Research about industry trends.

Research about your customers.



A breakdown of your unique value proposition.

How to articulate it in a three words and a picture.


A 12-month set of marketing campaigns and tactics.

Which channels to use, how often to use them.

Breakdown of roles and responsibilities.


How much it’s going to cost to execute the plan.

Estimated ROI of each campaign.

Free Marketing Strategy Guide

Our template contains a guide to answering the most important four questions that we have found to help us get to the heart of marketing issues. We usually spend a day running a workshop where he help new clients answer these questions. From there we can diagnose what your next steps need to be to improve your marketing.

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