We launched another new website today – Shandonvale Station.

Shandonvale is a working outback station based out in central Queensland that is opening itself up as a unique luxury accommodation destination. I was invited up there by owner Deon Stent-Smith a month or so ago to check it out first hand and it was a great experience. I flew a couple of hours from Brisbane to Longreach, where Deon picked me up in his truck and we drove a couple of hours east to his station. Over the next few days I got a glimpse of what life is like on the land – mustering a few thousand sheep, chasing roos in a small R22 two-seater chopper, firing a rifle, feeding the pigs, and staring down a ton of camels.

The design of the site tries to capture the experience of being in the outback – using lots of photos, video and wide open spaces.

They didn’t have a site or a logo before this, so we designed both from scratch as well as writing the copy.