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Why is social media so hard for businesses to get right?

There are no magic answers, but we’ve been involved in social media since the beginning. We can help you develop strategies to turn your existing customers into active business advocates.

Social media really isn’t rocket science. However there are rules that need to be followed and some of them run counter to what a lot of business people have learned in the past. Here’s just the first few:

1. You can’t control the conversation.

At least in terms of what gets said on social media platforms, you need to accept that you cannot control what others are saying about you. Yes – that means that sometimes they are going to say things you don’t want to hear. Get over it. If they are criticising your business, perhaps you deserve it. Use it as an¬†opportunity¬†to listen – and improve. Unless you think you are already perfect, in which case, get over yourself. The good news is that social media also offers your customers to tell their friends how wonderful you are. The other good news is that if you screw up and someone posts about it, you have an opportunity to demonstrate how importantly you take customer satisfaction.

2. Don’t start fights.

If someone says something negative about your business, don’t threaten to sue them, regardless of what your legal team tells you. You are just going to start a war – and the crowd will usually support the person being threatened. Even if you win, you’ll lose. Because you’ll end up with hundreds of blogs and Facebook pages talking about what a nasty piece of work you are. And that will *never* go away.

3. Be entertaining.

Don’t fill your social media stream with boring product information. Entertain us. Tell us stories. Open the kimono. Show us something cool we’ve never seen before. Find people in your organisation who know how to tell a story and let them loose on the internets. Don’t talk a bunch of marketing gibberish – we don’t care.

4. Don’t use social media to spam.

Just don’t. Don’t make up fake names to write positive reviews of your own company – you’ll get caught out and you’ll get ruined. If you can’t find *real* customers to write positive reviews, then you need to re-think your business.

If you want to know the rest of the rules – invite us for a coffee.