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How do you make Search work for your business?

Make your website work for you.

Okay, so most businesses have a website. That’s great. Unfortunately, most of those website are doing diddly-squat in terms of driving new revenue. They act as an online brochure – you give someone your business card and they might check out your website, which is great – but how is your site driving new business?

A search strategy uses SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) to drive brand new customers to your website.

How did you end up on the Motherlode site? You probably Googled “marketing consultants in Brisbane” or something similar and the Googlez were nice enough to tell you about us. Do you think that happened by accident? Good luck? NO! It was a search strategy.

Do you want a search strategy for your business that works just as well? Of course you do. Well… who you gonna call?

search strategy brisbane

Google is the new front door to your business. And you need to make sure your site can be easily found. SEO (“Search Engine Optimisation”) is the dark art of making sure your site ranks above your competitors when people search for terms relating to your products and services. Many businesses get this horribly wrong. They think that people will just magically search for the right terms to find their business. But that isn’t how it works.

According to a recent studies, only 23 percent of searchers go beyond the second page, and the numbers drop for every page thereafter. Only 7.5 percent of Internet users said they refined their search with additional keywords in cases where they were unable to achieve satisfactory results. Therefore it’s important that your sites show up in the first couple of pages of organic search results.

We’ve been doing SEO for many years. Our SEO team has solved search problems for businesses large and small.

As always, we start with your digital strategy. How does search fit into it? Once that is clear, we will help you analyze the right search terms to be targeting. We will then analyze your site and work out where it can be improved in order to increase your search rankings. Even if you site was optimized when you first had it built, it’s likely that it is no longer performing. Search engines analyze a wide range of metrics of your site to determine how valuable it really is likely to be for customers. Throwing up a few keywords is no longer going to get the job done.

The other side of Search is search marketing. Building your organic search results can take a few months of solid work. While you’re waiting to get to the first page, you should set aside budget for Adwords. Let us help you devise the right combination of tactics.