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Central to any marketing strategy should be a clear philosophy on marketing theory.

This will inform our thinking when designing a strategy, a tactic and every individual piece of collateral.

Our philosophy is that marketing is about bringing the highest level of clarity and effectiveness possible to your communications with your customers. It is obvious that customers are extremely busy. It is also obvious that they are being saturated every day with thousands of attempts to get their attention from marketers. If our customers are having to choose which handful of pieces of marketing they receive on any given day they can afford to pay attention to, we need to strive to make sure that our marketing stands out.

Our marketing will conform to the following seven design principles:


Aesthetically pleasing.

An aesthetically pleasing piece of marketing, whether it is a website, brochure, advertisement or flyer, will on average attract more attention than an unattractive piece.

Emotionally resonating.

Theoretical and behavioural studies provide a sound empirical basis to the impact of the emotion in guiding choice behaviour. Therefore we should use our marketing to connect with the emotional centres of their brains as well as the rational centres.

Customer centric.

First and foremost our marketing should speak to the customer’s problems and offer our solutions. Benefits should come before features.


Our mantra will always be “less is more”. The fewer messages we have on any page of marketing, the higher the chances that our customer will absorb them.


Our marketing needs to stand out from what our customers are used to seeing – especially from our competitors. According to researcher Daniel Kahneman, our brains are designed to focus on things that run counter to what we are expecting to see.


Call To Action.

Every piece of marketing should strive to have a call to action that is clear, time dependent and offers easily-understood value. This is required to prompt the customer to either a) feel a sense of urgency to make contact with us today to get them into the sales pipeline or b) feel a sense or urgency to add themselves to our list for future communication.

Brand Values.

Every piece of marketing we produce should reinforce our brand values.

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