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Business In Brisbane Podcast

podcastWho are Brisbane’s real business leaders? We’re not talking about the members of the ASX 100, we’re talking about the other 99.999% – the people who run Brisbane’s estimated 80,000 actively trading businesses (Brisbane City Council, 2010 PDF). They may not appear on the front cover of the Courier Mail, but they are the backbone of Brisbane’s economy, the unsung heroes.

How did they get started? What are the secrets of their success? What can we learn from them?

Join Cameron Reilly, Australia’s original podcaster, as he discovers answers to these questions. Over the years, Cameron has interviewed hundreds of business, academic, political and institutional leaders from around the world, from movie studio moguls to world-leading intellectuals. With this new series, he turns his focus back home.

We will soon be launching the first series of interviews in Oct 2013.

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