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I don’t know who pays attention to cinema ads these days anyway –

… every time I’ve been in a cinema lately, everyone (including my wife and I) are looking at our iPhones while the ads are playing.

And according to research done by Sascha Topolinski and Fritz Strack, popcorn may be defeating what’s left of the attention of cinemagoers.

Their research indicates that when we encounter a new brand name (or a person’s name), our lips and the tongue automatically simulate the pronunciation of that name. Through this repetition, we process the information into our long-term memory.

However, when your mouth is otherwise engaged – such as when you’re eating popcorn – the process doesn’t happen. So I guess we can say popcorn is the original AdBlock extension.

If you’re interested in the details of the study, read Science Daily. Otherwise just remember – cinema ads are probably a waste of time for more reasons than one.