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Mark and I were talking with some guys this morning about what makes a good Facebook strategy and he told us about one company that really gets it – The Corcoran Group, a NY real estate firm. They aren’t selling their real estate services with every post. They just post cool pictures of real estate-related stuff. And food.

They don’t just have Facebook covered, they are leveraging multiple platforms to create conversations and touch points with their customers.

For example, check out their Instagram feed:

According to this real estate blog, Corcoran are doing a great job on other platforms as well.

What’s the lesson in this for the rest of us?

Make your business’s social media feeds interesting, fun, engaging and conversational. Give people a reason to want to have a conversation with your company, even when it isn’t an immediate transaction and, when they are in the market for your particular product or service, your brand will be front of mind. One of my first sales mentors told me that people want to do business with other people that they like and trust. The problem with most advertising and marketing these days is that people don’t trust the messages they get from the brands. We’ve all been burned way too many times by false claims and corporate spin. Your social media feeds should strive to achieve likability and trustworthiness for your brand.