Most of our clients are constantly struggling to improve their SEO. Mostly because it requires constant effort that most people don’t feel like they have time for. And they often aren’t really comfortable writing lots of content. They might be able to push out a few posts here and there, but it’s hard to do it week in, week out. One easy tip you might now have considered is to re-use your social media posts as blog posts. We’ll often find clients are posting photos to Instagram or Facebook a few times a week but aren’t posting those to their blog. While some of those posts might drive traffic to your site, and therefore improve your SEO, most won’t (unless they are designed to do that). But you can take those photos from Instagram and Facebook and put them on your blog. Google will pick this up as new content – and that’s really what they are looking for when they rank sites – how much content you have, how often you post new content, how unique and interesting your content is, how much you use video and photos, etc.

But make sure when you post the photo or video that you also include some copy – write as much as you can to accompany the image/video. Contain some search terms that are relevant to the content and your business. For example, I might say this post is about “social media marketing Brisbane”. Don’t be shy about it. You are providing useful content and you want to use it to generate traffic to your site, because you genuinely believe you can solve problems and make people’s lives better. Nothing to be ashamed about.

So remember: Reduce, ReUse, ReCycle.
Reduce (your effort) – ReUse & Re-Cycle your social media posts.

But don’t fall into the most common social media trap!

Cameron Reilly of Motherlode (Marketing Consultants Brisbane).