It’s nice to see Mercedes jumping on the podcasting bandwagon with their new series “Tough Conversations” hosted by punk rocker and author, Henry Rollins. My farmer mate Oscar gave me a heads up about this series a few weeks ago with he spent the evening chatting with Henry on a neighbouring farm. I’m pretty sure I produced the first corporate-sponsored podcasts in Australia back in 2005/6, with series I produced for, Telstra, Microsoft and Tourism Victoria. These days I produce one for UrbisPro about land surveying – and I think Mercedes have the model right – these are good original stories, hosted by a legend, interviewing Aussies about what it means to be “tough”, with just a loose connection to what Mercedes want to promote (a new pickup truck, hence the “tough” theme). The first interview is with a QLD farmer who grew up gay in the country.

The powerful thing about having a podcast for your business is that it gives your customers, clients and prospects something to listen to while they are at work, or in the car, or at the gym, which can educate them about your industry or even just entertain them a little, with the whole experience “brought to you by….” your company. You’re adding value to their lives which will hopefully create further positive association with your brand.

Cameron Reilly of Motherlode (Marketing Consultants Brisbane).