No names, but this is the current 90 day average ranking report for one of our clients. We re-built their website earlier in the year, and just started their content marketing and SEO work a few months ago. I normally tell clients it will probably take us 6 – 12 months of consistent work to see a dramatic improvement on their SEO, but sometimes we get lucky and beat expectations. Oh yeah, they are the blue line. The other lines are their key competitors.

What lead to the spike? Probably a combination of things, including some great original content (which we helped them write), a few backlinks from good sites (including a few we own), getting a sitemap up and sorting out their listing on Google’s business directory. Still a long way to go, but in the last 90 days, the ranking on about half of their keywords has jumped 7 – 10 pages, putting them on page 1 for a few, and 2-3 for the rest, which of course we want to get on page 1.

The interesting point is that over the same space of time their competitors have barely moved by comparison. Why? Probably because they aren’t trying. SEO takes work. As I always tell clients in our first meeting, if you have a solid marketing strategy, and you execute it consistently, month on month, you will leave your competition in the dust. I know this because I know how few companies out there actually do a good job of their marketing – not many. It doesn’t take much effort to outperform them.