clever marketing idea from camposI popped into the Campos cafe in Newstead this morning for a quick piccolo after meeting a new client and was immediately struck by some of their marketing. I love these faux Monopoly cards! They really grabbed my attention, I wanted to read each one, and now I want to collect the set (and try each coffee, of course). The first thing any marketing asset needs to do is win our attention and this succeeds. I also loved their vision which was writ large on one of the walls. It’s not exactly a “manifesto”, as per my recent post, but it’s pretty close and it convinced me that they are passionate about their coffee.

campos-visionBut of course I already knew that, because I met Eugene Phua & John Ronchi, the guys behind Campos in Brisbane, about seven years ago when I shot this video (excuse the quality, it was done on the fly, no budget, etc). When I first moved to Brisbane from Melbourne in early 2008, it was still pretty hard to find a decent coffee in this town, and their cafe in Fortitude Valley was the first one I discovered. Since then, of course, the Brisbane coffee market has gone nuts. For example, one of our newest clients, White Cat Coffee, is producing a very high quality cup in the CBD.