Our new cards are lasercut on maple. Our new logo aka “el capitan” was designed by our creative director, Scott Wiegand. We love it because it says a lot about our brand – we’re unusual, we take on the difficult challenges, we make marketing that we can be proud of and we try to inspire others to great heights – just like El Capitan. The new cards are lasercut on wood because it’s different and it’s cool. If you get one of these, you aren’t going to throw it in the bin (quickly) like most other cards. You’ll want to hold it between your fingers, study it, smell it (it smells like campfire) and show it to others. And isn’t that what we want our business cards to accomplish? By the way, the cards don’t have anything on them apart from the URL. After all, what else do you need? If you want to contact us, you can figure out our details pretty quickly from our site. And we want customers to visit our site to see what we’ve been doing lately. Putting your contact information on your card is redundant (unless, of course, your site sucks).