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Socratic Method

Do you want to build up the critical thinking skills of your team?

Do you want your team to make better decisions?

Do you want to improve the ability of your team to influence customers?

Yeah – you do.

That’s where training in the Socratic Method comes in handy.

It’s not new or trendy. Quite the opposite. It was invented by Socrates around 400BCE. But hey guess what? It’s still one of the most useful tools available to critical thinkers. And almost nobody gets trained in it anymore. It was part of a classical education back when we still cared about such things in school. Today… not so much.

The Socratic Method is a method of using dialogue between two parties (e.g. you and one of your staff, or one of your staff and a prospective client) where one party asks intelligent questions and allows the other party to come to their own conclusions.

Telling isn’t selling. You can’t change someone else’s mind. They have to change their own mind. What you can do, however, is ask intelligent questions that allow them to think through their own conclusions and test them for weaknesses.

Motherlode runs Socratic Method training workshops for businesses and organisations.

Email Cameron for a chat about your needs and he’ll put together a quote for you.