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Marketing Checkup

Have you undertaken a review of your Sales & Marketing strategy lately?


Many businesses keep trudging along, doing what they have always done, even though the game has changed.

Twitter, Facebook, Google and iPhones have changed the way customers buy. Has your business changed with them?

The MOTHERLODE MARKETING CHECKUP is a one-day engagement that allows us to perform a quick, scientific review of your current marketing. Using a 100-question proprietary framework that we have created, we will systematically review your existing sales and marketing strategy to provide you with a MOTHERLODE SCORE. This score will help us determine any weaknesses in your current marketing. Following the review, we will provide a report and list of recommendations for improving your sales and marketing.

The one-day engagement and report are free of charge to select customers.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a time to discuss the Motherlode Marketing Review in further detail.

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