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Can’t afford a full-time Marketing Dept?

Tap into the Motherlode.

A lot of businesses haven’t yet made the investment in a senior, dedicated marketing team. Consequently, they often don’t have a clear and concise marketing strategy.  As a result, many don’t really understand who their customer is or what drives their behaviour. They have some assumptions but they don’t really know. Of course, the businesses that truly understand their customers are the ones that succeed long term.

As a couple of ex-marketing directors, we are passionate about seeing marketing done properly. What does “properly” mean?

For a start, everything from your product development through to your customer support should be customer-centric. Just getting this part right will give you a massive competitive advantage.

Next, we help you identify what your compelling differentiation is versus your competitors – and if you don’t have one yet, we’ll help you create it.

Finally, we make sure that your marketing is systematic, programmatic, hydromatic!! – methodical, consistent and measurable. Again, just getting this right will give your business a massive competitive advantage. We can stop at writing the strategy or we can stay engaged, helping you execute it.

Let us help you help your customers to get more out of their relationship with your business.