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Evernote Consulting

Probably the single greatest software application to hit the world in the last decade, Evernote has totally transformed how some businesses collaborate in teams. At Motherlode, we have been using Evernote extensively since 2008 to capture new ideas and share them amongst our teams.


However, like many software platforms, Evernote can seem pretty confusing when you first install it. At first glance it just looks like a huge notebook. Learning how to structure it correctly to maximise your ROI, can take months of trial and error.

If you are thinking about introducing Evernote into your business, we can shortcut the process by running an Evernote workshop for your team. By the end of the workshop, your staff will be up and running with shared notebooks, mobile Evernote apps, and systems for managing the information that is important to your business.

A half-day Evernote workshop costs $1999 (ex GST) and we will run it in your office (as long as you’re within an hour of Brisbane). If you want to run one in another location, we can chat about running the workshop over Skype.

Contact us for a quote on running an Evernote workshop for your business today! 

by Cameron Reilly