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Some wisdom from Seth Godin via gapingvoid.

Hope might be a tactic, and it’s certainly important to have (if you don’t have hope, it might be time to shut the doors), but too often we meet clients who are basing the future of their business on the hope that customers will find them through the power of magic.

Just yesterday I was talking to an old friend who is starting a new business. I congratulated him on his bold vision and asked him where he was going to find customers. He paused for a few seconds then waved his hand. “I’ll just find them, don’t worry about it.” Maybe. I hope so. But imagine putting that argument to a future investor. Or, better still, imagine someone invited you to invest into their business and they answered the same question that way.

One of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make when it comes to marketing strategy is they are relying on magic and hope and pixie dust and unicorns to drive sales.

If only it were that easy.