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The biggest mistake I see most businesses make when it comes to marketing – and of course I’m talking about the businesses that actually do marketing – is to think that all they need to do is to tell customers about what they do and the world will beat a path to their door.

That might be true if you were the only business trying to get your customer’s attention – but that isn’t the case.

The reality is, there are hundreds of businesses competing for your customers attention every day – if not thousands.

And your customer is already busy – they have limited time as it is – so the question is – with the few minutes a day they have to pay attention to marketing, why are they going to pay attention to YOUR marketing instead of the hundreds or thousands of other pieces of marketing they see today?

Is it because you are just so, so special and your product is incredibly unique and awesome and original?

Is it because you’ve already built a brand that is loved more than Apple?

Or is it going to be because you’ve put more thought and effort into your marketing than the rest of the businesses that are just throwing something together at the last minute and thinking that’s enough?