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Mark & I are excited to welcome Anthony Joseph to the Motherlode team.

I’ve known AJ since 1998 when I started working at Microsoft. Actually we met a couple of weeks before that when he interviewed me for the role!

When I joined Microsoft, Anthony already had a reputation for being a big hitter. He had closed some pretty significant deals for Microsoft that gained worldwide recognition. However it wasn’t his sales success that really impressed me, it was a combination of his quiet, intense intelligence and his commitment to solving customer problems. That’s how he got his nickname “Yoda” – we even bought him a little Yoda figurine which he sat on top of his computer monitor. He still has it to this day. AJ is the kind of guy who takes his time before he answers a question but you know that when he does give it an answer, it will be profound.

His recent CEO, Evan Thornley, called Anthony “quiet and a trained (sales) killer”.

Anthony will be helping us develop sales and marketing strategies for clients as well as take the lead in strategic sales training engagements.

Here’s AJ’s official bio:

Anthony spent 15 years as an account executive and strategist at Microsoft, where he closed groundbreaking deals and lead innovation to improve Microsoft’s engagement with its enterprise clients.

Recently he was Head of Sales for Better Place, a venture-backed international company developing and selling electric car infrastructure. He introduced Australian businesses to the electric car solution and secured commitment to hundreds of yet-to-be-released electric vehicles.

Specialist skills

· Innovation, creativity and strategic thinking to drive change and deliver value to clients

· Selling new platform technologies

· Strategic selling & relationship development

· Skills & capability development for client engagement

· Developing and putting strategy into action


by Cameron Reilly